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Why You Should Get Your

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Earn More with LinkConnector

While there are numerous benefits to syndicating your articles, it is a time-consuming process. That is why many people only syndicate a few articles and do not fully realize the potential associated with syndicated reports. While not doubting the benefits of syndication, these people are just too busy to spend much time getting their articles syndicated.

Simply put, article syndication is the process of allowing other websites to publish your articles. For example: Say you have a content site that provides tips on gardening and landscaping. You may want to post some "how-to" articles on a site that sells seeds or gardening tools. If you provide helpful content, it may direct customers to your site in search of more information and increase revenue for your site.

Syndication also helps make your name synonymous with certain products or services, much like advertising does on the radio and TV. You know how it is. Those car insurance commercials leave catchy jingles and cute images in your head until the only thing that comes to mind when you think about car insurance is that cute little lizard.

Well, article syndication helps your website in much the same way. You see, most people who search on the web for advice on specific topics do so more than once. So, the more they see articles on topics that interest them coming from your company, the more likely they think about you as an authority in the field and someone with whom they would like to do business.

Article syndication also helps increase your search engine ranking by linking more websites to yours. And it is well known that many top search engines like Google rank sites according to how many links they have pointing at them.

But as mentioned earlier, syndication is a lengthy process if done manually. To syndicate your articles, you must first find websites that would benefit from your content and are likely to draw the types of customers you are looking for. Once you find these sites, you must market your articles to the webmaster. You have to sell your site's importance and prove to the webmaster why your essays would benefit their site. Only after you have successfully negotiated syndication can you exchange information that would link your sites together. As you can see, this could take much of your time, and syndication is not guaranteed.

Another way you can syndicate your articles is a little less hands-on. You create a linkable code on your website that allows other web admins to receive your reports through a feed. All you have to do is update your information, and all the syndicated sites will automatically update. The only drawback is that you first have to get web admins on your site and then get them to accept your feed. The most popular way of doing this is by indicating that your articles are available for syndication in a resource box below your article.

Perhaps the easiest way to attract web admins to your articles is to enter them into an article syndication directory. These directories are regularly searched by web admins looking to update their content.

When you submit your article into a directory, it is put into a browsing category that it pertains to. For example: If your articles involve tips for bidding online auctions, they will be placed under the catcalled "online auctions" or something similar. This way, it is easy for a webmaster searching for these types of articles to find exactly what they need at the click of a button.

Once a webmaster chooses your article, you are syndicated and have earned another link and a higher ranking among search engines. Syndicating articles in this way also allows you to reach more web admins than you would have been able to by going alone.

Any of these ways to get syndicated could work for you, but most people find that a combination of tactics achieves the best results. So, get busy and start syndicating. Oh, and don't worry if you can't write articles or don't have the time to write them; some sites will connect you with professional writers who will do all the writing work for you.


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