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Writing Business Articles: 5 Steps To Business Writing Success

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Business articles are a great way to let readers searching the Internet know everything about your new or existing company and what you can offer them in your unique products and services.

You may be a company that only does business on the Internet or a Brick & Mortar retail store that would like to increase their online presence via your website to create additional exposure internationally or worldwide and increase your customer base.

Regardless of your business approach, you will realize that finding various marketing avenues to reach new potential customers is one of the most critical components for your new or well-established business growth.

When you finally decided to test the waters in article writing because you wanted to add it to your overall marketing plan, I'm sure you will quickly realize that this is a compelling yet cost-effective way to reach enormous amounts of targeted traffic!

However, to reach your desired traffic online, you must not only create value-added, informative, and creative articles, but you must place them on the Internet for people to find and read. If you're not sure where to start, you can use my five simple article-writing steps as a guideline and create your writing style and article distribution plan that will work best for you:

Tip #1. Have a complete understanding of your business and the product and services you offer, and don't oversell and underachieve your readers!

I'm surprised how many times I read an article where some company is telling me they will offer you the world, and when you visit their website, it looks like they offer you a lot of dirt and some of that smelly stuff.

Example: Company XYZ expresses that they're #1 in customer service online, and when you provide a link to your site for your readers to view your claim that you wrote in your article, the reader navigates your site and quickly they notice you have no access to a live customer service chat service, any toll-free numbers to reach a customers service specialist, and all you're providing them is an email address saying that you may get back to them sometime after the summer beach season is over. If you don't offer the best customer service on the Internet or planet, don't even think to convey than about conveying to your readers for a minute.

Tip #2. Don't get business article writing mixed up with a press release!

Writing press releases are an excellent way to get the message out that your company offers a unique and exclusive product in the market, and you want to introduce it with a bang, or that your business just hired a top executive that will drive your company shares straight up in the stock market. Writing your business article is slightly different; you want to use your essay to express your company's best features and benefits.

Write about how you can save time and money, give them a better lifestyle, and how your products/services offer customers complete "Peace-of-Mind." Believe it or not, people search to find your products and services to either solve a problem or possibly fill their desired need. You have to tell them how you will solve their problems, serve their needs, and put them in writing.

Tip #3. Find out who your readers are, and write your article in their language!

Nothing is worse than when I come across an interesting article and find out that there is an entire language I don't understand halfway through. Many business writers have a technical writing background. When they communicate their message in the article, readers may stumble on your report saturated in technical mumbo jumbo that only tech-savvy individuals understand.

When you start preparing to write your article, think about the people you want to reach and who will be interested in reading your information, because if you're writing for a non-technical person. Your message will be lost if you put a ton of information that the average individual won't understand. Your readers you're trying to attract will move on and find another article that is easier to read.

Tip #4. Once you have written the perfect article, you now want to know how to reach your targeted readers!

You wrote an excellent article, which is jam-packed with your features and benefits. You're telling your potential readers how to reach you, but they won't be able to contact you if you don't take steps to get your article on the web.

The best way to distribute your company article is through ezine and article distribution directories. You may only submit your articles to a select few top article directories offering high traffic volume. Still, I would suggest you consider also introducing a variety of smaller ones because you never know where they will be picked up from and prominently placed for inbound traffic.

One of the most significant changes happening with article directories is that you will find more niche targeted business content distribution sites focusing on your related themes. Highly consider these sites because they not only offer you more category options, these sites will eventually be classified as authority sites on your specific business topics.

Tip #5. Your Author Bio can make or break the goal of your article!

Believe it or not, your Author Bio is probably the most critical piece to your article puzzle! You worked very hard on your article and took the time to make sure your message was clear and to the point, but I find that many well-written pieces end with a very weak author bio. It's like winning your customer over with a knockout presentation and then not asking for the sale.

The same goes with your Bio, you should not oversell, but you definitely should let your readers know you're the expert and that everything you talked about in your article will be explained in more detail once they click through your hyperlinks. Suppose you're talking about a specific product or service and have several pages with more information. In that case, usually, most directories will allow you to place up to a maximum of three links, including your main index page. Take advantage of this, and always maximize your links, giving you many optimizing opportunities.

These tips are pretty straightforward, and most of you would consider their common sense, but even the best article writers sometimes get off track and may forget some of the fundamentals of writing. Getting some outside tips to get you back on track is always good. Please take my advice and use it as a tool to help you design your writing style, and before you know it, your article will be flooding the Internet with business flair!