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Get Spidered and Indexed Fast by

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An effective and powerful method to promote your website is with articles or what some call "Article Marketing."

You might ask what articles have to do with promoting your site? Well, a lot!
First, the Internet provides a significant thing to web surfers: information, or in other words, content. People often say that in the Internet marketing arena, "content is king."
Every website owner needs content for their site, including graphs & charts, articles, audio and video clips, images, news feeds, etc.

Google would be illustrated as a teacher standing in front of the class and asking a question (a surfer is searching Google), in front of our teacher seating millions of students all crying out loud: "I know the answer pick me!" (every website is trying to be first in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
How is our teacher supposed to decide who of those millions of sites might have a cleaver, concise, or correct answer? Google needs some criteria to determine the quality of these websites.
Google uses Page-Rank ( PR ) to determine the quality level of websites.

One of the major factors they weigh most heavily is the number of other websites linking to your website. Okay, now you understand you need other websites to point and link to your site for your site to receive as much PR as possible.

How to get the highly wanted backlinks to your site.

How would you convince other site owners that they want to place a link to your site on theirs? There are so many ways to do that, including Reciprocal linking directories. These directory sites serve as intermediates between website owners.

Sending emails to other web admins' sites, buying links from high PR sites, leaving legitimate comments on blogs with your signature, providing testimonials about products you've used, books, and services, and finally, giving you a backlink to your site.

How to get backlinks to your site is an article subject in itself that, in turn, deserves its article and is beyond the scope of this one; here, we focus on Article Marketing.

What is wrong with reciprocal linking? Noting is wrong with it; the search engines count all the incoming links and compare them to the outbound links, the more links you have that are linking to you, the higher the PR will be. Google looks for natural linking. If they see too many reciprocal links, they understand it's an arrangement linking and not natural linking.

As you might imagine, reciprocal linking is time-consuming, and I don't have the time to peruse it.
Article marketing is the best method to get one-way links to your website.

In every article you write, in the end, you should add something called a resource box; in it, you write your name and a few words about yourself and a backlink to your site! Yes, this is the most crucial part of an article.

How to create Anchor text.

The backlink should be in the form of an anchor text link; this is a text that describes the central theme of your site. Underneath it, "hides" the hyperlink to your website. Let's say your site is about using Credit Cards. Then you need to have a backlink to your site by using the text: Credit Cards and not merely by your site's specific URL address.

Search engines must associate your site with the theme of your site; that is because if there are many sites linking to you using the anchor text: "Credit Cards," then the search engines will determine not only that your site is essential but that your site is vital in the field of Credit Cards!
Creating a few anchor text keywords is recommended so you will gain credibility in more than a single keyword.

Creating an anchor text is straightforward. Just copy the URL address of your site and paste it into an MS word document. If it's a Livelink, it would be in blue color text.

- Mark it and right-click on it with your mouse.
- A menu will pop up, and one of the options there will be "Edit hyperlink."
- Click on it, and you will see two small windows. The upper one will say visible text to be seen; that is the anchor text you want.
- Type there your site's main theme text (Credit Cards).
- Underneath it, you will see a window that will say actual link; your site's URL address will appear, click okay at the bottom, and you are done.
- Copy and paste the anchor text link to your Article resource box.

Distributing your article

I normally build my website with one article of about 1,200 words, divided into three sections of about 400 words each. Why 400 words? Because with 400 words, you can cover a subject in-depth. After you have written an article and arranged the resource box, you are ready to submit your report to article directories. There are many article directory sites and few with high PR article directory sites. You will find thousands of articles in categories and subcategories on each side.

Why do all these authors submit their articles for free to the Article Directories sites? You guessed it, they all need backlinks to their sites. On the other side of this coin, some website builders have no time, talent, or both and need helpful content for their sites. What do they do? You guessed it right, they come to some of the article directory sites and pick an excellent article or two to put onto their site for free, all this as long as they keep the author's resource box with a live hyperlink to the author's site.

Once your articles are put into many article directories, they start to develop a life of their own. Bloggers can put it on their blogs, enabling your writing to be syndicated via RSS feeds across the web. Website owners paste it on their site pages, Ezine publishers might grab it to their electronic magazine, and offline publishers and editors who are always on the lookout for good content and exciting info might use your article for their needs.

The widespread distribution of your article can bring some traffic to your site on its own merits and might even serve as an alternative to SE traffic. All this creates a snowball effect that can build your site's PR and establishes you as an expert in your field. This process takes some time, and it's gradual, and that's its beauty. Search engines perceive it as natural growth and reward you accordingly. This process intensifies as time passes and new sites continue their marketing efforts and gain higher PR, strengthening your site because higher PR sites are pointing at it.

The critical point I would like to make here is that SE noticed in a few months that the content pointing at your site is duplicated. This weakens the effect, but as long as you keep producing new high-quality articles and repeat the process, your site will rise in PR and climb the ladder to the top SERPs of the Search Engines.

In addition, it is recommended to make a few headers to your article to improve the chance of being published in various media and to lessen the same content effect. I mentioned earlier that it's wise to build your articles in a structured way of three parts, each of 400 words. In some cases, each component can cover different subject aspects and be divided into three additional Articles.

The best tactics are to make articles in phases. Send a report to the article directories every three or four weeks, don't send it to all guides at once and not all your papers at once. Keep your ammunition for the months ahead.

How to distribute your articles automatically.

Article distribution is time-consuming as well. There are two solutions: some software products that you pre-set and upload your articles, and the software will automatically distribute them to your article directories of choice.

The second solution that, in my mind, is the preferable one is a web service that will distribute your articles automatically to not only the article directories but to thousands of publishers and editors as well as writing groups on the net and by that give you better coverage and in addition it's much quicker. I usually start with up to six of the leading Article directories and then go to the automatic distribution service on the net, which is free for a certain amount of distribution. You can reach it through my website.

Article marketing is the most powerful method I know to make Search Engine notice your site and spider it, then increase the number of backlinks to your site automatically and naturally and make the SE index all your pages and provide you high PR and good placements at the SERPs.

Use this knowledge wisely and prosper.







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