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Here's the thing, you spend good money and time putting up a neat piece of a website on the net for one reason and one reason only; to be viewed. If your website doesn't get visitors then it is, in one word, worthless. But how do you make the people flock to your website like you want them to? Simple - by getting a high ranking with the search engines. How do you do that? You do that by means of easy user-friendly methods like the SEO (search engine optimization).

 When you search for a certain something on a search engine hundreds of pages are thrown open to you, but out of these you check not more than the first three. The websites listed on the few hundred other pages which follow therefore go unnoticed and accordingly remain unvisited in spite of being listed by the engine. The left out websites can better there chances of earning a better ranking and getting visited by more users than they can honestly dream of by using SEO, read on to see how you can make it work for you.

Search Engine optimization is an advantageous method by means of which your URL can get the kind of spotlight which will earn it hundreds and thousands of visitors every single day! There are a number of ways of taking advantage of search engine optimization. Consider this; your website consists of a number of pages, what if I say that each of these pages may, individually, be maximized for search engine optimization? Putting to use your search engine technique on every one of your web pages will help you notch up your ranking on the search engines and increase your web traffic manifolds.

Follow the tips below to make SEO work for you.

* Internal Links

Now, search engines have this particular liking for sites with a lot of links on its pages, so make sure you include loads of them on all your pages. Keep the links internal, that is let them link one part of the website to another or one end of the page to the other end and so on. The basic reason for this is to keep your visitor occupied with the site, once they are at it. There is no plausible reason as to why you should encourage your visitors to leave your site by providing external links, keep it in the home front and yet optimize your site for the search engines.

* External Links

Like we just discussed external links in your site is a bad distraction which tends to steal away your visitors and sweep them off to other destinations. As a site owner, therefore, external links can seem a particularly unwelcome topic. But hold on, here is the catch, search engine's offer higher rankings to sites which have both, external and internal links. Therefore there is no avoiding it, put up a few external links on your site, push them off into the margins of the page or right at the bottom of it, only make sure that you do put it, there's no getting away from its obvious power.

* Keywords

Optimize all the pages on your site for keywords. Technically your keywords should be present more than thrice on all the pages. For this reason an abundance of content is a good idea, sprinkle your keywords abundantly (but meaningfully and sensibly) within the written body of the site cause, search engine's, though they cannot read, can and do scan text. If you have optimized each page right then every time a search engine scans your site's text then your keywords will get detected and you will in turn achieve a higher ranking with it.







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