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Memory Foam: Worth the Money, or

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Wondering Why so Many People Talk about Memory Foam Mattress? Let's See if it's Worth Your Attention.

Everybody wants and needs a quality and comfortable sleep at night. If you can't relax your muscles during sleep, you'll feel worse every next day.

For a person to feel energetic and relaxed, she needs a quality night's sleep. But the problem is that regular coil spring mattresses can't give the comfort a person needs. After sleeping on their old flat mattresses, many complain that they have back or neck pain in the morning. And that is quite common because your body doesn't lie in a comfortable position during sleep. Springs do not adjust to the shape of your body and thus might give you all kinds of backaches.

So is there a solution to that?

Well, it seems like there is. And it's called - memory foam. Many claims that memory foam mattress has helped relieve back pain and finally gave them a comfortable sleep.

Is that true? Is a memory foam mattress perfect? Or maybe it's simply a scam created by salespeople to get more sales? Let's try to dig a little deeper, shall we?

Little Background about Memory Foam

In the 1970s, NASA started a project designed to create a material that could help astronauts relieve the pressure they were experiencing during the launches. They wanted a material that could easily conform to the shape of the body of each astronaut. So they have created a memory foam material.

Funny, but it wasn't used in any space program. Thankfully, someone saw this material's real potential and started using it in the medical industry. It had great success. People were saying that memory foam mattress has helped them a lot. They slept better and felt less or no pain at all. So not long from then, memory foam hit the consumer market. Since then, it has continued to increase in popularity until these days.

What's the Secret of Memory Foam Mattress?

The memory foam mattress is a unique material. It responds to your body's temperature and adjusts to your body's shape. It can reduce pressure points and thus relieve back or neck pain.

You see, as a memory foam mattress conforms to the shape of your body, it equally redistributes your weight on the surface. The more points of your body touch the surface of a bed, the less pressure there is for each end of your body.

This significantly reduces pressure points, improves blood circulation, and reduces or eliminates back pain.

Not All Memory Foam Mattresses are Equal

Be careful because not all memory foam products are created equal. While many excellent and reputable companies exist, some are shady and not worth doing business with.

So let's see what dangers there are and how to avoid them.

Some manufacturers may put inexpensive fillers into the memory foam material to save money. It's because the production of quality memory foam material is more expensive.

Such manufacturers do this to make the production of memory foam mattresses cheaper and lower the price than other memory foam mattresses. If a person searches for a memory foam mattress online or offline, she'll choose the cheaper one because it's still the same memory foam; she'll assume.

But it's not true.

You have to be careful and avoid cheap memory foam mattresses that cost 2 or 3 times less than other mattresses of such type. It's worth investing a little more money into quality and more expensive memory foam mattresses instead of a cheap one, and I regret it later.


You aren't paying money for a bed by purchasing a memory foam mattress. You're spending money on your health. You're investing money into your better sleep and less back pain in the morning. So tell me, is it worth risking your health by purchasing cheap crap in this case? Not.

Memory foam mattresses can be one of the most significant investments you'll make into your health and comfort. But be careful, because as you can see, there are good and bad memory foam manufacturers. It is excellent material and can relieve pain and give you the comfort you're dreaming about. Just look at the price and ask other people if they find the company's mattress good or bad. You should be able to get yourself a good and quality memory foam mattress that will give you the comfort you want.




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