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Take Away All Interior Design Ideas

Why should the interior design of your home be any different from anyone else's? It could be easier to follow the crowd and show no fear about a lack of originality if every home was pre-packaged with a unit appearance. Here are some ideas to keep the interior of your home as conformist as you can, and perhaps these will allow you the simple peace of a non-designed house.

First - please be sure to remove all coordination from your home. Recent studies have shown that balancing the cloth of your living room upholstery to the window and floor treatments can spark sensations of appreciation and pleasure in household members and guests. Therefore, the practicing conformist must remove all hints of matching or complimentary designs from their household.

After dealing with those messy matching issues, be sure to walk through the rest of the interior, searching for original art pieces such as paintings, sculptures, and folk art. An interior with originality in its wall d├ęcor would evoke a sense of personality and interest in the home's guests. It should also be noted that these guests might then find themselves assuming the "good taste" of their host. That defeats the purpose.

To the delight of the accurate conformist, many interior designs stagnate into set themes. But you must take this further and be confident that no new design or decorating ideas are found throughout your home. Do not allow any inspiration from your favorite books, magazines, or movies. Stop using any things for entertainment. They will only lead to further thought "outside the box."

Use your head, people. Please do not use it because that is the best way to avoid originality or sensationalism in any interior design ideas. It is, unfortunately, too easy to find simple inspiration throughout your daily life. You mustn't write any of these ideas down, and then you will have a chance to forget your initial reaction and idea and move along in your simple, easy, and non-threatening little life.

Interior Design Tips

An interior designer faces many of the same questions with a residential client. Issues such as theme and fundamental style are not frequently an issue with the home client. But there will always be concerns about painting walls, the furniture currently inside the home, and the floors. There are tips to alleviate concerns and questions regarding these specific design problems.

"What about this color of paint? It is too bright/dark/soft/etcetera." The first and best tip to eliminate concerns about paint choices is to purchase a paint sample on the wall. Then, there will be a true understanding of the actual appearance of a color. However, many colors - especially darker ones - attain their true beauty from the look of the entire wall after being layered with several coats of paint.

Trust a color pallet and a designer, but only follow intuition. A complex color to the stomach may eventually settle to delightful surprise, or it may lead to a horrible bellyache. Only cover a wall with a design color that will provide security and happiness to a homeowner.

"Should existing and endurable furniture be reupholstered?" An excellent tip to be considered: evaluate the furniture for style and value versus the cost of the reupholstering. An antique chair that fits the feeling of a formal living room purchased for thousands of dollars would be an excellent candidate as long as replacing the original upholstery did not degrade its value or worth.

"I don't know what to do about my floor." Decisions about floor designs should be based on a person's budget, the room's use, and personal preference. Specific floor treatments are costly, such as hard oak floors, and they may not be practical in an area where stomping kids thrash through the interior. Carefully weigh options such as dying carpet or laying rugs over existing hard floors. It is all a matter of personal preference.

All interior design should be a matter of personal preference. It is not worth any expense to put something in a home that will force homeowners to cringe whenever they look around.




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