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I was once told to write articles and be happy. "I don't have anything write that anyone would want to read" is exactly what i said. "Not true" is what I was told. Over the years I wrote allot of things down that not to many people read. At least, that's what I thought.

It has come to my attention that there have been a number of people that has read what I've written and allot of the stuff I posted from other sites. It seems a bit strange to have something someone wants to see coming out of my head. It isn't often that I have much to say coming from my heart but, I get more visits to my sites when I write from the heart instead of my head.

Recently, I found myself without full time employment and found that I had all the time in the world (a couple of weeks) to write whatever I wanted to write. So, I got started and after the first three words, I didn't have anything to say. I sat here in front of my computer for an hour or so and didn't type a word. After just three words I had writers Block. Now, that in itself is strange because You cannot get me to stop talking. (That's what I'm told.) I decided I'd take a break from trying to write and do anything else.

With all this Covid-19 BS going on, I got bored really fast. There's only so much daytime TV I can deal with but, My Wife just has to have her shows to see every day. To me, it seems unnatural to watch these daytime shows every day for years with the same stuff going on and on. There's just different people doing whatever it is. OK!! I'll stop going on this rant before I get to far into it. :)

I like to have fun in everything I do. That being said, I want people to have fun reading what I write. Hopefully they'll see my humor as funny instead of me being an A&*. I've talked to several people my self that afterwards I thought they were being an A&* when in fact, they were trying to be funny. I guess what I'm asking is You don't take what I say to heart and get your feelings hurt. I do not intend to do that. Even if it is funny.

I will do my best to behave!

I know this has nothing to do with writing articles but, an article it is. Thx

Hello Springtime

I awoke early this morning to Lobo wanting to go out. I heard his running in circles at the front door as I barely started to turn over. After getting into my Jazzy, (power chair) I went to the front door and hooked him to his cable and let him out.

WOW!! What a morning! The sun was out and the temp was near perfect. (just a slight chill) This was a morning I've been waiting on. I heard the gurdling of the auotmatic coffee pot finishing brewing its brew and threw on my pants and a Tee shirt and out back I went. As I drank my coffee, I listened to the sounds of country. There was a slight breeze blowing through the tree branches. Birds were singing as they came to life, waking up after a wonderful night.

Johnny Cashs song, Sunday Morning coming down, came to my mind as it often did on Sunday mornings like this and I started humming it as I drank my coffee. That was one of my Dads favorite songs and today was a perfecr day to hum it as he had passed away on this day in 1994. His last words were, I'm finally going camping and fishing for a while.

Beautiful days like today are just great days to take a few minutes to remember those you lost and to say a prayer to the good lord above to keep watching out for them and ask him to let them know you love them and still think about them. I've had people tell me I'm crazy for thinking like that, but I say they're the crazy ones.

Article Marketing: Correlating Revenue To The Articles You Write

If you are involved in writing or using articles to establish your credentials to share skills and knowledge to a broader internet community, it may be time to pause for a while and to consider to what extent this activity of article marketing is bringing in revenue to your online efforts.

While article marketing is a function of many factors that may not lend itself to an exact computation of benefits in monetary terms, we cannot run away from the fact that when it comes to profitabilty of any online business, we have to think in terms of dollars and cents. Including even translation services if needed.

This is where statistics play a big part in correlating revenue to the articles we write.

Is it possible, for example, to project revenue to the number of articles we write, as there are factors peculiar only to the particular author that are not common to any other individual?

This is where the use of simple mathematics is helpful in our quest to correlate revenue to the articles we write.

Over a period of time of say 6 months, an author of various articles can actually keep a graph of revenue derived from article writing with the "y" axis as Revenue and the "x" axis of the graph as the number of articles written, each time keeping the number of article depositories to which the article was submitted at a constant figure.

In this particular case, say for example if you are marketing these articles to the article depositories such as ezinearticles.com or goarticles.com, your revenue that goes to the "y" axis is the payout derived from Google Adsense for the month by using solely article marketing alone, and the "x" axis will be the number of articles you have submitted.

Over the period of 6 months, you will have sufficient data on the graph for which you can draw a best fit curve or applying the principles of linear regression to form a straight line that goes through most of these points on the graph where the line is represented by the equation y=mx+c

The function of the regressed straight line will indicate that the revenue derived is a function of "m" which is the gradient or slope of the line, and a constant "c".

The constant "c" is the value where the straight line cuts the "y" axis and this is the particular part which stems from the individual and is a representation of his abilities in writing, his style of writing, his command of the language and factors that only the individual possesses.

By doing a correlation study between the revenue obtained and the number of articles submitted in article marketing, or you can keeping other factors constant as far as possible, it will be possible to gauge the quality of the author's writing. It will also be possible to form a rough basis to project further revenue to the number of articles planned for submission, ignoring other factors such as keyword selection, onsite and offsite search engine optimisation which are not included in the study, and only on the basis of the individual writing "flair" and abilities as measured by the constant "c".

While this is by no means exact and is an approximation, keeping statistics and charts like these serves a useful function in helping the marketer to identify sudden trend changes, especially where performance or revenue suddenly falls from the norm ( or the mean ).

He can then study what has led to this deviation from the mean and why. Charting these details will make any change very apparent which may be missed otherwise.

While it is common for an internet marketer to use software scripts to track his earnings from Google Adsense, for example, most scripts do not lend themselves to this particular graphical analysis as explained. It is when the charting is done by hand, albeit in such a simple way, that the internet marketer is sensitive enough and alert to any sudden changes or is able to consider what factor to change in his article writing to derive more revenue.

He can go deeper to ask this question: " Since the revenue is directly proportional to the slope of the revenue line, what factors will change the slope?".

Knowing these factors, he can vary them and test out his changes.

By correlating revenue to the number of articles written, the internet marketer has a way to project profitability, no matter how rough. He has on his hands a set of statistics that he can use for further research and analysis, or in marketing terms "testing".


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Writing Articles For Permanent Traffic

Writing articles is possibly the best way to generated free traffic to your site. A short article, submitted to a few places, creates permanent streams of traffic. Here are some of the ways articles bring traffic to your website:

1. Click-throughs from article banks. People read your articles at an article bank, and click on the link in the "author's resource box."

2. Search engine traffic. Search "cheap international plane tickets" on Google, and sites with my article will be in the results. Wherever the article is found, readers can click through to my travel site.

3. Other web sites. When my reports show a referral address I don't recognize, it's usually a web site that's using one of my articles.

Article Submission - The Basics

Submit your articles to article banks and newsletters. Article banks usually carry "free-distribution "articles, meaning anyone can use them for a site, newsletter or blog. They just can't change them, and they have to leave your link active. The link is in the "resource box," where you say something about yourself and invite the reader to visit your web site.

Post an article once, and it can spread, creating permanent streams of traffic. Why permanent? Here's an example: I get search traffic for "mexico real estate" on my site HousesUnderFiftyThousand.com because of an article I used. The author gets clicks through to her site, but I get traffic - and revenue - so I'll never remove that article.

The Easiest Article Writing

Article writing isn't just for writers. Online articles are short and less formal than magazine articles anyhow, but if you really don't like writing, try a "list-article." This is the most popular type of article online, which is fortunate, because it's also the easiest type to write.

For a site about making money on Ebay, you could write an article titled "The Top Ten Sellers On Ebay." A short introduction, a list with a sentence or two about each item, a bit about yourself and a link to your site, and you're done. Write "Six Mistakes People Make On Ebay," and we need to read that to avoid the mistakes, right?
Some article banks charge fees, but there are many that are free. There are also more ways to generate traffic with your articles. You can also try monetizing with youtube videos That's this article's "tease" to get you to the site.

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