More Website Traffic from Higher Page Rank

Many surfers use the Google or Alexa bar that integrates into their web browsers which consequently makes it easier for them to search and navigate through Internet. However, how many have the "overall page rank" indicator on these bars which shows either a ranking or the importance of the page?

The overall page rank in directories like Google, Yahoo or Alexa is the key factor while doing a search. It decides which website or page deserves the top places in the results of the search of a keyword. The search engine basically calculates the importance of the webpage.

For example, let's say that you prepared a webpage supplying the users with focused, detailed and understandable info. You think your page deserves a high importance, therefore when you search for the theme of your website, you believe it should be shown in the top 20. Well, sometimes life is cruel. If you don't optimize your webpage for a specific keyword, if you don't get enough inbound links directing the user to your site, you would be disappointed by the 1/10 importance rating in Google. Don't give up! It's still worth fighting for. There are several factors which decide the page rank of a website.

First of all, Internet is not like the streets of a city: if you put your "shop" in a busy street, people will drop by your place. No visit on Internet is a coincidence. You have to create your links from other sites (inbound links). You also have to increase the internal linking of your website so that visitors can just "hang around" in your site. So your first factor for the page rank is the linking of your page.

Secondly, pages which attract more users (i.e. number of unique daily users) are obviously more important in the "eyes" of the search engines. This, being the dependent variable in our equation, grows directly proportional to the inbound links. So, page rank also increases with the number of unique users.

At last, relative, focused content increases the importance of your page (page rank). Initially, every page you add to your site increases the overall page rank of the whole before you start adding in-context hyperlinks; "in-context" hyperlinks because according to Google authorities, the hyperlinks that you place inside the content of the page are accepted more valuable.

Briefly, on the web, there are no lucky days, no coincidences or no serendipities. If you want website traffic on your page, you have to create it yourself. You have to put quality, focused and original content, you have to increase the number of the inbound links. The website traffic on your site will increase automatically depending on the other variables. Finally, one day you will look at your site and see that the page rank has jumped from 1 to 4 or even higher. Then you will understand that "La vita e bella."


Increase Traffic With Hit Exchanges

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