Getting Listed On Google

Everybody, simply everybody with a website wants to be listed on Google. And why not, it is after all the most popular search engine used by millions of people all over the world, the doorway between you and thousands and thousands of visitors who will flock to your website once they spot you, and isn't the main purpose of putting up a website just that ? Although getting listed isn't the only thing required for you to get visitors, you also want a good rating, a high ranking which will put you in the spotlight and will give you the opportunity to be noticed. But perhaps your site is new on the block, maybe you think it's too small a fry to be picked up by Google. Relax that isn't even an issue, just sit back and look at all the options you have.

First of all, let us clear out a fundamental point. There are, as you probably know, two ways of doing things, namely the right way and the wrong way. Now, although the wrong way is clearly wrong it is of some importance that we know it thoroughly so as to avoid it completely.

Following are, to put it politely, the avoidable ways of getting listed on Google.

Google provides it's users with a way to put their URL's in queue for crawling at Now the utter failure of this method probably has a little to do with the mechanics of the process. You see, once you have typed your website's address into the space available here it is put in a queue (behind oodles and oodles of other pages) for the GoogleBot to, well, crawl. Anything can happen after this. For one, your site might not get crawled, or suppose it dos get crawled (which in itself is about a million in one possibility) it might not be indexed by Google (!) So ultimately there's no telling where that URL of yours will end up going. But I am guessing wherever it goes it won't go anywhere near the first few pages of search results. So in other words this way is a complete waste of time. No one has really benefited from it, and if you ask me no one ever will.

And now the more likely way to be listed by Google.

If you want to notch up to that coveted spot on Google then simply crawl another site. You know what they say about girls, go gaga over them and they don't cut you an inch of slack, but ignore them and go to someone else and they'll be eating right out of your hands, well believe it or not that principle works here too, only in a less jealous fashion that is. Once you put up your URL on some other site it might chance to be spotted by GoogleBot and followed upon. That chance following up will be your golden ticket to Google.

So, here's what you can do, you can either put up your URL in like a million different sites or you can use a little sense and put it up on a few popular sites which will fetch you the sort of traffic even a couple of dozen others won't. Pick a few sites like to plant your flag into, and soon you'll sink your teeth right in to Google itself.

I know what you are thinking; you are probably wondering just how you will manage to get these larger sites to put you up and in the course grudging me for putting you on the same chase yet again. But don't worry I promise it's not as hard as it sounds. Just get yourself into a few discussion sites and forums and get involved in discussions about related topics; only put your hyperlink along with your signature.

Statutory Warning: don't try and get prompt results by pulling smart alec'ish tricks like typing in your hyperlink and adding a jerky GO HERE! caption. That won't help you earn anything besides a good whack from the moderator's of the site. Invest some time into this and really participate in the discussions, once you do that you will earn the liberty of sharing your URL with others.

If you have a certain amount of flair for writing and are proficient with words then you have an advantage over others like you. Believe it or not you can put this talent in line to work on your behalf.

Write a few well researched well planned out articles about topics which might appeal to your targeted market. As in the previous method there are no shortcuts here and nothing, absolutely nothing, besides quality content will do you any good. Try and act smart, copy paste from elsewhere or simply try to get away with a badly done job and you will be at the receiving end of a royal brush-off from readers and editors.

Writing an article is really not as hard as it sounds. Since it's about your specific line a little research wouldn't really cost you much time or labor. Record your results, go ahead experiment with a few situations, come up with hypothetical situations to explain particular problems and provide your analysis or solution for them. Once you have done a good job (and believe me when I say you will know when you have done a good job) proudly provide your own name and hyperlink of your site at the end of the article.

If out of the two procedures we have discussed today you choose to use the second one, that is to write articles, then here are a few additional tips. A common phenomenon seen amongst most first time writers is their propensity to quit after writing the very first article, which usually convinces them of how completely incapable they are of the task. Do not get bogged down by similar thoughts. Keep writing even if you think your efforts are not as good as you would like them to be. The more you write the finer your skills will get, the easier it will be for you to express yourself and in no time your articles will be scooped up by editors for their own sites. The more number of such sites you are included into the greater number of means of letting your link be known to people. As your popularity increases so will your chances of being put up by Google. Good Luck.