Don't Let The Search Engines Drop Your Website

For websites, their ranking on the major search engines is one of the most vitally important factors. Why this is so important is because when websites rank high on the search engines, there is a flood of targeted web traffic from visitors, absolutely free, who are looking for information or products. So, it goes without saying that all those kinds of activity should be avoided at all costs that might hurt a website's chance of achieving a premium listing. Here are some issues that websites should avoid, at any cost, if they are eager to optimize their rankings with the major search engines.

Tip #1 Don't Spam

No major search engine indexes websites for too long, if they are found to engage in spamming. What's more, from time to time, search engines revise the way they define "search engine spam", so it would be worthwhile, both as a visitor and a website owner, to educate yourself and stay updated with the definition of spamming by the major search engines. Search engines often blacklist websites that practice spamming, which means you don't get off by simply not getting indexed but you might also get your website blacklisted for life.

Tip #2 Don't Use Frames

Search engine spiders crawling the web do not respond well to websites using frames and frequently miss many of the pages that are listed within the website.

Tip #3 Don't Have Pages Under Construction

Make sure when you submit your URL to the search engines to get indexed, that you do not have pages still under construction. Search engines as a rule don't like to list pages that are yet under construction. So, always complete them before you submit your websites for indexing. Also, never use the phrase "Under Construction" on your pages that are unfinished! It does not create a good impression.

Tip #4 Never use Sneaky Tricks like Invisible Text

Do not use invisible text stuffed with keywords to try and boost your SE rankings. It may not be apparent to your viewers that you are using invisible text, but the search engine spiders will detect it and may even blacklist your website. Play fair and safe and always go by the rules.

These are just a few of the most oft-used suggestions to keep your web pages indexed by the search engines. However, these rules are not exhaustive. There are others that also matter a lot. The idea is to be informed and educated. And it is always a good idea to believe and accept that the search engines are, and will always be, smarter than you.