Doing Your SEO The Easy Way

Let's talk business from the very beginning. How well do you know the SEO business? No matter how much you read on SEO, there are tactics and methods that will always baffle you. What every expert thinks is important, may become the least significant the very next day. Close study of websites and features of those ranked highest in search engines may open your eyes to strategies that have crossed no mind so far. If you have already built a website there are two things you need to do.

Concentrate on the ON page and OFF page optimizing. On page deals with getting your description tags and meta tags similar to your webpages. One key fact not to forget is to use tags with the keywords in the content.

Off Page optimizing is probably the most important. Without this, you cannot even expect getting visitors on your site. This is nothing but an exercise to get other sites to point to your site, sites that have similar subjects.

Over the period of time, the topic of link exchange has also undergone a number of irreversible changes. Today, people are asking for money to exchange links to get higher PR sites. What can you do now? Well, you could buy maybe a couple of links at the most, if it is absolutely necessary. Apart than that, find out forums where you can post or discuss about your website. How? By simply Googling it. After that, when you get your membership, you can put your website URL within the signature box. Another way of off-page optimization is to submit articles to article directories. Articles also help to make your website popular.

But you have to write excellent CONTENT for your specific site. This is called a one way link, meaning there will be no reciprocal links. Work this out and submit your articles to around fifty free article directories or websites; this should lead to a good PR in say a couple of months. Articles work big time and in ways that are always not apparent immediately.