Software Distribution Services Easily Boost Your Site's Traffic and Sales

As a software developer, how many times did you ask yourself: ''What else can I do in order to increase my site's incoming traffic in minimum time and effort?' Once a week? Or maybe once a day..?. After developing your software, you invest much of your time and effort to attract new potential customers to visit your site and learn about your products, download, and hopefully buy them. One of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve that goal is by using a professional software distribution service.

How Does it Work?

As a software developer you probably already know that your first step after developing new software is to submit it to as many quality download sites as possible. There are 3 ways to do that:

(1) Manual software distribution; You can distribute your software by manually visiting popular download sites and submitting your software site by site. The problem is that there are hundreds of download sites, this could take you weeks, not to mention how boring and frustrating that task is.

(2) Manual Software distribution service; There are several sites that offer to do that frustrating and tedious task of submitting your software for you, the problem is that they never reach so many download sites, they charge separately for each of your new/updated products and they never maintain your existing submissions for any required updates.

(3) Automatic software distribution service; There are several professional cost effective tools that can easily distribute any or all of your software, shareware or freeware in less than an hour to hundreds of quality downloads sites. You can submit and maintain existing or new products by yourself and as much as you want at no additional cost.

Top Benefits

(1) Using an automatic software distribution service, can easily generate a massive network of inbound links on your product's download page on each download site, these links are now pointing at your site, attracting thousands of potential users to visit your site.

(2) Such a massive network of quality inbound links to your site is appreciated by search engines such as Google, it improves your site's page ranking, meaning, you win more visitors from the search engines users.

(3) The more visitors you get the more downloads you get and eventually more sales.

How Do I Get Started?

It is recommended to download a professional automatic software distribution tool and get the hottest tips.


The Best Web Traffic-Generating Secret!


There are many advantages to writing articles and distributing them to online article directories. Driving more visitors to your web site is just one of the benefits.

Article directories allow you to include a resource box at the end of your article with a link back to your web site. This translates into more visitors and back links to your web site.

Most likely, these links will help your search engine ranking because major search engines count back links as a factor to rank web sites. So be sure to add the URL to your web site using anchor text with your key words.

Writing articles on a specific topic and submitting them to article directories can establish you as an expert. And online credibility counts a lot!

Hundreds of web site owners are looking for fresh online content. Your articles will help other web masters to add valuable content to their web sites. It is a win - win situation!

It is totally free. Submit your articles to article directories for free. You will only need to invest some of your time to write a nice article and a little more time to submit it to article directories.

You can submit your articles manually but it can take a lot of your time to do so, especially if you plan to submit your article to many article directories.

Another option is to use an Article Submitter. This software submits your articles to one or two hundred article directories almost automatically saving you time and efforts.

I know, writing a nice article takes time, but it can become very rewarding. Keep your articles short, about 400 - 800 words. Do not copy from other writers. Check your grammar and spelling. Write a title that makes your reader want to read more. Include a call to action like click here. Believe it or not, it can make a difference! Add a link back to your web site in your resource box.