Share Success With Others To Get More Visitors!

Networking with others is very important. Getting good contacts will increase your companies chances at obtaining some great, pre-qualified referrals.

I have not heard of one company online that has ever made it on it's own without any outside help. Sharing business ideas with others increases your chances at success.

Yahoo Inc, a household name, owes part of it's online success to small business entrepreneurs who loved to talk about Yahoo within their website. If you where to take a look at yahoos link popularity, you would see incoming links within the millions. Getting people to talk about your business should be looked at, as something fun, creative, and inspiring to do.

The universe and all it's energy is straight forward, "what goes around, comes around". Same applies online.

Let's see how we can implement this on the web...

There are many ways to spread good fortune on the web. For instance, try complimenting people on their website and let them know that you enjoy visiting their site. This usually gets a really good response and it is a great way to start a business conversation.

Get to know the people who own popular websites. They usually hold the doorways to online treasures. We all search online, some of us daily, some of us once in a while. We all find different things. You can't be expected to find them all, the key is to find useful tools on your own to share with others and they will do the same for you.

With over 4-6 billion websites out there and growing rapidly, it's really hard to keep up with every new idea and/or group out there. By positioning yourself with key people, you will subject yourself to new ventures, different openings, and better contacts.

Popular web sites love to talk about their website, try and brain storm some ideas on how you can create new resources for your site by helping others to promote theirs. Find something related and useful for your visitors, add it to your site and then tell the people who provided the resource, they will really appreciate you for it.

It really works..

There's no better feeling then when someone takes the time out of their busy schedule to email me and let me know that my latest article will be featured within their newsletter this week!

What Else Can You Do???

If you've followed some of my articles, you would have read me say before, "increase the content on your site, daily". Here are a few web marketing methods that you can not only increase your content but, help others as well...

How Can You Help Others?

    * Listing their business on your site
    * writing an article about them
    * featuring their products
    * adding their banner
    * writing a review and linking to them
    * collecting great tools online
    * featuring writers from all over the world
    * starting online contests
    * hosting a daily motivational thought
    * creating free graphics for others
    * featuring "a site of the day"

These are only some of the things you can do for others. Whatever it is, it should be related to what you do.

Work With Competitors Away From Your Market Reach:
Don't be afraid to hook up with your competitors from across the globe.

Here is one method you can gain major traffic for your web site by working with competitors that are out of your market reach...

Try featuring companies in Australia while you operate in Canada. Your website will get Canadian visitors from their site and vice-versa. The immediate results aren't what matter, it's when the loop starts to form to each others search engine results. Their web site will eventually get listed in Canadian search engine results and vice-versa. By targeting the same field or profession, both websites can refer the right people to suit their area.

Once the Australian website starts to attract Canadian visitors from other search engine listings than your own, it will then start to refer Canadian visitors that you didn't have to go get.

Don't be afraid to expand you thoughts to neighboring countries, they too can prosper without ever harming you as their competitor.

I hope this opens your mind to competitors and helping others!