KEyword Demand: Is It Enough?

You could get half of the global web traffic for the keyword "dirtbagging," but that means only about 10 visitors per month. Without a presentable keyword demand don't ever expect to get enough traffic. However, the total demand is simply a single factor to consider. Read on to know about a few others.

1. Supply/demand ratio. Last month, there were 290,000 searches for the keyword "fishing", but could you compete against the 35,000,000 results on a Google search? "Bass fishing tips," with 3,700 searches and 31,000 results is a more likely winner.

2. Total supply. For "dirtbagging," Google shows 240 results, and well, there might be twenty searches a month for the keyword. It would be real easy to make it to the first page. On the other hand, a keyword that has a demand to the likes of a million, and gives up search results numbering a million has a better ratio, certainly, but you cannot really get into the first few results pages. No matter what the ratio, you must be able to hold your own in the competition against the supply. If your website is there on the number 10 results page, it is as good as not being on the list.

3. Type of keyword. Achieving good search engine ranking is important, but the kind of visitor you are attracting to your website is also equally important. Who would you say is likelier to click on your affiliate links or to buy something from you - a visitor searching for "fishing poles" or "fishing stories"? If it was fishing gear that I sold, I sure would be glad to have half the traffic for the latter term as the former.

4. "Uncommon" keywords. Look for uncommon search phrases, however in your search for odd keywords, be careful while you optimize for bad-grammar keywords and misspellings. At least don't do it at the cost of the reputation of your site.

Lastly, when you do your keyword research, you should seriously consider if you have genuine interest in the subject that the keyword represents. If needed, can you write a page on the subject, and do you feel you can deliver the kind of information a person searching for that term might be looking for?