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People often ask me about TodaysArticleWriter, Really, What's to tell them? I offer a place for people that don't know how to do the work themselves a place to have what they need to say put online for the world to see. Some of the articles can use work and most of the people are open to hear what I have to say about their work, Good or Bad. Currently there are nearly 300 articles on TodaysArticleWriter and we hope to put a few thousand online but, That'll take some time.

If you have an article or a recipe or anything else at all. (Legal that is) that you want to put online, please contact me. There are also many spots available to put your ad on TodaysArticleWriter if you like. All text or 120x120 ads are only $5.00 a month. Call me to see if we have any specials going on.
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