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15 Online Businesses That You Can Start Today for Big Profits

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Here you can find 15 businesses that you can start fast. These businesses are profitable and they are in high demand. You could expect to receive good profits from most of them. The drawback is that there is too much competition for the majority of these businesses. Anyway, I will briefly describe them here and show you how you can also claim a piece of the profits from the online business world.

1.Sell information.

People are starving for information nowadays. Information could be anything that communicates a message. Art is a kind of information, images, files, software, games, books and e-books are information too.

You can create your own products or have other people do it for you. Either way, you will have to invest some time and money. If you want to have the products created for you, then you can outsource the projects to others even to people in other countries. This is a good technique that a lot of companies are using today.

Selling information is very profitable because the costs of reproducing the products you sell are next to nothing. Once you create the first product you can create as many copies as you need virtually at no cost. The time required to distribute the products to your clients is next to zero too. Finally the shipping costs often disappear on the Online business world. This is definitely a profitable business.

2.Become an affiliate.

If you don't want to create anything you can sell what others create. Your only duty will be to advertise. Advertising is not easy, specially in such a competitive arena that is affiliate marketing. On the other hand, if you have the patience and discipline to learn how the super affiliates make it, then it can be really worthy the time spent on this venture.

Some top affiliates make tens of thousands per month from this business alone. There are just so many companies out there that want you to promote their products. This is one of the reasons why some new affiliates get lost. How can you know which companies are trustworthy and which ones are not?

Simple. Stay with the companies that pay you high commissions like 50% to 75% per sale and which conversion ratios are fairly high. For example, if a company pays you 65% commission to sell their product and for every 100 people that see the product 2 - 3 purchase it, then you may consider promoting the product.

Also expect to receive at least $20 per sale. I wouldn’t advertise a product if I can not get at least $20 for every sale. Do the math. Let's say that you get paid $25 per sale. Your advertising costs are $5 per 100 people. If on average 2 out of 100 purchase the product, then you will get a huge return on investment.

Of course these are hypothetical figures. The real world is a little bit different. To find these products may not be that easy. But that's the basic idea of how starting an affiliate business works.

3.Sell advertising space.

This is another good idea. The main thing you will need is a website with a lot of real good quality traffic. You can get truck loads of cheap traffic from autosurf programs and other sources. You can trick some advertisers but most of them won't stay with you after their test spend.

That's why it is better to do it right from the beginning. This business can be profitable but you definitely need reasonable quantities of quality traffic everyday. You can do this by giving away good quality content both on your website as well as other places.

For example you can write articles and publish them on article banks or e-zines. You can write a short e-book and offer it for free to your visitors on the home page. You can write programs reviews. You can set up a forum on your website and let you visitors interact with each other.

Anything that could provide a service or that can enhance the experience of your visitors can be a good source of traffic. The good thing about it is that most of those visitors will come back to your site from time to time and these techniques are free. If your website offers good content to your clients, you won't need to pay to get visitors. They will come to you for free.


Trading is very risky, that's why it can be very profitable too. It is like they say: "no risk, no reward." You should never trade or invest the money that you cannot afford to lose, but if you have some spare capital, this can be another source of income.

Most online brokers today will allow you to open an account with them with very little initial investment. You can open an account with as little as $300 to $1,000. Also there are many markets that you can trade in. You can trade currencies at Forex. You can trade stock shares at the different exchanges through the online brokers. You can trade commodities at the Futures market. You can trade options and many other derivatives.

The are many choices for those who want to trade for a living. Just a cautious note here. Trading is not as easy as many people want you to believe it is. It takes time to master any market including the financial markets. It is better to trade on paper for a while before you compromise your real capital. Some people become rich trading, but 90% of the traders fail.

5.High Yield Investment Programs.

There are many opportunities on the Internet to invest in programs which promise high rates of return in a short period of time. Most of them claim to be private investor clubs and they say that they get most of their profits from financial trading and investing.

Some of these companies seem legitimate but many are pure scams. Discretion is recommended to anyone who chooses to invest on these programs. Some offers are so unbelievable that they are simply that: unbelievable. Remember that "if something sounds too good to be true it probably is."'

When you visit the forums you can read how many people lose money on these programs while others claim that they paid for their vacations or something else with the money they got from one of these programs.

Many high yield investment programs are short lived. They disappear quickly ripping off many investors. Others tend to be more stable. Typically I have seen that those companies which offer more reasonable returns like 1% - 2% profits daily tend to be more reliable and last longer.

Anyway, the reward on this investment can be big, so the risk is also big. Discretion is recommended. Avoid anything that sounds like a game, pyramid or gambling.

6.Online Auctions.

Online auctions can be a good source of revenues. You can sell virtually anything on these auctions. Who doesn't know about e-Bay? Almost everyone on the civilized world knows about it. E-Bay is not the only one though. Stormpay is a good player too and there are many others.

The idea is to get good quality products at the lowest possible prices. You can achieve this by getting to know the best wholesalers for the products you are trying to sell.

If you can buy bellow wholesale price and then sell the items individually you may realize a nice monthly profit by doing that. Some people's main source of income are online auctions and they make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Another way to make money with online auctions is to be a dropshipper, which I explain bellow.

7.Be a dropshipper.

When you are a dropshipper you don’t need to buy the products that you are selling. This eliminates some of your risks. You just make the presentation for the products whether on online auctions websites or your own websites and wait for somebody to purchase the products.

Once they send you the payment you transfer the order to the distributor who package and send the product to the buyer. Then you get paid a portion of the sale price. Some individuals prefer this because they don't have to deal with the merchandise nor the clients and still they get handsome profits from this business.

8.Multi-Level Marketing.

When you join a multi-level marketing company you can sell other people products like with affiliate marketing and recruit others to do the same. You then get paid for every sale that your sales team generate.

You can do all of this over the Internet without having to meet people personally. The beauty of this business is the residual income that it can generate for you. If you train your sales people well and they do the same with their sales team your profits multiply over time.

This may sound like a pyramid but it is not. Genuine multi-level companies won't charge you to join their program. They are interested in your advertising efforts not in your money. Pyramids charge you to join, usually a large amount and the only way for you to make more money is to pull more people into the scheme.

With multi-level marketing you can make money even if you do not invest anything on the company. You make money by selling their products as well as training other people to sell the products. The people that you train do not have to pay anything to join the company either. They are just sales people not investors.

9.Start a consultancy business.

If you have knowledge and expertise about a particular topic, you can start a consultancy business online and help others. You can offer your knowledge and advice for a fee.

You can do this directly from your own website or your website can be used as an advertising tool. Then you refer your visitors to other media you can use to run your consultancy business like your telephone or any meetings that you organize and they can attend.

10.Exchange e-currencies.

There are different e-currencies on the Internet today. Sometimes somebody needs to exchange one kind of e-currency for another. For example, they may have e-gold and they may need e-bullion.

So, when they want to exchange money they go to online money exchangers and exchange the money. The transactions occur mostly through the exchangers websites, sometimes manually and sometimes automatic.

This is a lucrative business. If you become an exchanger you get paid a small fee for the transaction. It could be for example 3% of the exchange amount. So, if someone has $1,000 in e-gold and they want e-bullion, then you charge three percent of the e-gold you are receiving ($30) plus the amount that e-gold charges you to receive the funds. That's your profit $30. Then you send them the e-bullion.

How it is usually done is that once they send you the e-gold you subtract the fee from the e-bullion that you send them. So, they receive less in e-bullion than what they send you in e-gold.

This may not look as much money to you. But if you have several hundreds of transactions per day, you can make serious money this way. The drawback is that you need funds to do the exchanges. You may also need to find out what are the rules and regulations about this business in your local jurisdiction. But I certainly believe that this can be another good source of revenues on the Internet.

11.Autosurf for profits.

Autosurf programs has spread all over the Internet lately. The idea is as follows. You pay a company some money to receive website visitors. The company send you visitors and give you the opportunity to surf other members websites as well. If you surf other members websites you can get paid a percentage of the amount you paid on a predetermined time frame, let's say weekly.

For example, you pay the company $100. The company promises to pay you back 15% weekly if you surf 15 websites per day. Then you click on a link every day and the websites rotate on your browser for a set amount of time (e.g.: 15 seconds). Then you close your browser and go do something else. At the end of that week you will have $115 on your account. The more you invest the more you make.

Many autosurf programs are scams. They do not provide a legitimate service to their users. Others are very effective. I specially like the ones that require the users to manually surf the websites. This way I make sure that a real visitor is visiting my pages and not a machine.

12.Start an affiliates network company.

If you start an affiliate network company you will be the intermediary between the merchants and the affiliates. You can also offer the merchants a payment processing system and allow them to use that tool to collect payments from their clients.

Your main focus on this business is not to create products nor to advertise products. You mostly act like a bank. The merchant join your company to sell products using your services and to get affiliates. The affiliates join to be able to sell the products on the program and receive commissions. The merchants offer the commissions they are willing to pay and take care of their customers.

You collect the payments from the merchants' clients and send payments to the merchants and affiliates on a predetermined time frame. You charge a fee for your services.

That's basically it. That's the basic idea of how this business works. Of course, it is not that easy in real life. You will face competition, but the good thing about it is that you don't have to create the products and you don't have to advertise them either. You act like the bank and intermediary between affiliates and merchants.

14.Become an e-books wholesaler.

You can also purchase e-books in wholesale quantities and sell them all over the Internet. A package of e-books may cost you a few dollars and you can sell them over and over again.

Some people write e-books and offer master resale rights on those books. This means that not only you can resell the books but also let your clients sell them to their clients and on and on. The reason some authors do this is because they want to get maximum exposure for other products that they are selling or for the affiliate links that they included within those e-books.

Then you can get a package of those e-books and software with master resell rights and sell it to other people. This way you do not have to create your own products. You make a small investment once and profit many times.

15.Sell hosting and memberships.

This business can provide residual income for you. When you sell hosting you are basically selling a space on a server to webmasters. This provides a good source of revenues because many webmasters stay subscribed with the same hosting company for many months or years.

They pay a monthly fee and as long as they stay subscribed you keep receiving profits. The same happens with membership sites like dating websites. You don't need many subscribers to be profitable. This business is different to others for the reasons that I will explain bellow.

If you write an e-book and try to sell it to others, you will sell that e-book once to one customer. That customer may never purchase anything else from you again. If you sell a membership to somebody that person will give you money on a recurring basis. You will sell the same product to the same person several times.

This provide a source of residual income in which your money grows exponentially over time. Let's say that you have 1,000 subscribers and they pay you on average $5 each per month for your subscription. If you don't sell further subscriptions you will still receive on average $5,000 per month.

On the other hand, if you market single sale products you need to keep selling the same amount of products every month to new clients if you want to keep receiving the same amount of monthly profits. That's why residual income is so important. A web hosting or paid subscriptions business offer a great opportunity to receive monthly residual income.









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